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Minimalism Challenge Day 17:
Practice single-tasking

So lately I’ve been dividing my time using the 45-15 rule. 45 minutes of doing work and 15 minutes of doing something else. In my case, something else may be writing blog posts, cleaning the house, working on my abs, etc. This rule is making extremely focused and productive, because I’m working on one task […]

Minimalism Challenge Day 16:
Don’t buy anything for 24 hours

Confession: I am a compulsive buyer. My guilt buys are usually lipsticks in fun colours. I do wear them every day, so that makes things easier, but how many do I really need? Not more than I own, that’s for sure. Most of the days I don’t buy anything. I mean anything other than food. […]

Minimalism Challenge Day 15:
Examine your daily habits

For day 15, I made a little brain map. I’m quite happy with my daily habits. But I’d like to add going to bed early and drink enough water to the mix. And maybe remove my coffee drinking habit again? Too hard… What are you daily routines? Hugs and kisses, Joanna RELATED POSTS Minimalism Challenge […]

Minimalism Challenge Day 14:
Take a step towards learning a new skill

I didn’t know what was the one skill I wanted to learn, so I did what any sensible person would do, I googled it. You’d be surprised how many lists of interesting useful skills that other people want to learn I found online. So very inspiring! I opened the first link that Google suggested and […]

Minimalism Challenge Day 13:
Clean out your closet

OK, I’ve tried, but you can’t do that in a day. So let me take a step back and recap. January 2016 I took everything out of my closet. Gave away all the torn clothes or the clothes that I didn’t want, didn’t suit me anymore etc. (it wasn’t much though, in fact very few […]

Minimalism Challenge Day 12:
Define your goals for this year

This day happened to come around the time I had my birthday, which was quite fitting. Every year, I set a goal for the following 12 months. 24 was the year I would figure out what I want. 25 was the year I would learn how to cook dinners. 26 was the year I would […]

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