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Minimalism Challenge Day 14:
Take a step towards learning a new skill

I didn’t know what was the one skill I wanted to learn, so I did what any sensible person would do, I googled it. You’d be surprised how many lists of interesting useful skills that other people want to learn I found online. So very inspiring! I opened the first link that Google suggested and […]

Minimalism Challenge Day 13:
Clean out your closet

OK, I’ve tried, but you can’t do that in a day. So let me take a step back and recap. January 2016 I took everything out of my closet. Gave away all the torn clothes or the clothes that I didn’t want, didn’t suit me anymore etc. (it wasn’t much though, in fact very few […]

Minimalism Challenge Day 12:
Define your goals for this year

This day happened to come around the time I had my birthday, which was quite fitting. Every year, I set a goal for the following 12 months. 24 was the year I would figure out what I want. 25 was the year I would learn how to cook dinners. 26 was the year I would […]

Minimalism Challenge Day 11:
Evaluate your commitments

Even though I don’t feel I’ve taken on too much in my life, it is nice to re-evaluate my commitments and change what needs to be changed. Here’s what I’ve concluded after some thinking. My main commitments are… Me I am committed to myself. I want to follow my dreams, to become a better version […]

Minimalism Challenge Day 10:
No email or social media until lunch

Considering how the first thing I do in the morning, even before breakfast, is checking social media and emails, this was a hard one. I tried this on a Monday morning and I pulled it off just because I eat lunch early, around 11.30. The hardest part is to be conscious of what you’re doing. […]

Minimalism Challenge Day 9:
Downsize your beauty collection

I was so excited to clear up my make up on Day 9. My beauty collection has been growing for the past year as I tried to figure out what I like. Also, I noticed I started buying things (only 2-3 items though) I heard about on YouTube and that was it. So here’s what […]

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