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Minimalism Challenge Day 8:
Learn to enjoy solitude

I was always a person to be happy left on their own and for the past years I’ve grown into a habit of traveling by myself, spending hours upon hours on flights, on airports, in cities I’ve never visited before. I am good at being on my own and I really enjoy the solitude. In […]

Minimalism Challenge Day 6:
Follow a morning ritual

Every morning I follow the same routine. Do the exercises for my back, eat the same breakfast, make the bed, put on make up and clothes and I’m on my way. That day I decided to spice it up a bit and I made myself pancakes. I followed the recipe from Jamie’s Everyday Superfood and […]

Minimalism Challenge Day 5:
Identify your main priorities

Sometimes it is easy to feel lost in a huge to-do list and miss the focus on your main priorities. Redefining them, or even remember what these are, can help feeling motivated and putting life into perspective. Here are my top priorities at this point of my life. Finish my PhD This is a top […]

Minimalism Challenge Day 4:
No-complaint day

The rational part of my mind tells me that there is no point in complaining. If you don’t like something, change it. Complaining on its own doesn’t change a thing. Be polite, make your point come across, act wisely and don’t complain. The no-complaint attitude goes hand in hand with a more positive life attitude. […]

Minimalism Challenge Day 3:
Declutter your digital life

Day 3 is the day that I: Clean up my email accounts I am the person who tackles emails when they arrive. If I have to reply to an email, I’ll either do it right away, or probably many weeks later, so I try to do it right away. All emails I don’t need go […]

Minimalism Challenge Day 2:
Meditate for 15 minutes

I underestimated the power of meditation for many years of my life. It wasn’t after I started practising Yoga that I found out about the benefits of meditating. I still don’t do it on the regular, but the past few months have been nothing but stressful in so many ways. The night I decided to […]

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