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Favorites: Tattoos

Since I got my tattoo, I talked about it with so many people and I got so many different reactions. Some thought I was being childish, some were worried that it’ll ruin my life and some wanted one but were so worried that they won’t love it or that they’ll get bored with it. Well, […]

Birthday Wish List 2012

It’s this time of the year again. I’ll be 24 next week and I put together a Birthday Wish List. My friends find it helpful, so here it is! Top to bottom, left to right: 1. Get me a yoga or pilates subscription. Bonus points for a small Buddha sculpture. 2. Make me a playlist […]

Moodboard: Oh spring!

I’m not talking about the weather here. It’s supposed to snow today and tomorrow and the next few days and I don’t want to jinx it, but stores have already their spring collections in display and I just couldn’t resist grabbing this cushion for my living room. My little flowery cushion, where were you all […]

Library: Moodboard

You know my office looks something like this. Has a built-in bookcase. And actually is a balcony. If you haven’t got the idea already, here’s the floor plan for you. I made it with over a year ago, keeping in mind that someday I’d hang the art on the wall to the right and […]

Moodboard: The patio (Greek island style)

Being on a greek island for almost a week inspired me to create moodboard. This is what I’d do, had I a house with a patio in Serifos. First of all, I would buy a hammock. This one from Ikea in blue and white fits the colors of the island perfectly. Two stools placed the […]

A new bedroom

I always had a thing for mood-boards. They give you a ruff idea of how the end result will look like and help you stay cohesive with you color scheme. So with a new bedroom in my hands I knew I had to make a mood-board before actually decorate the space. First I’ll show you […]

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