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Here comes the winter

I swear that Norwegians can talk for hours about the weather and that has got to me. I check the forecast many time throughout the day. Especially the last few days that we were expecting snow. And snow it did. In other news I have been trying to optimize my daily routines and be more […]

Weekend in November

This weekend was the most relaxing and cozy weekend of the last two months. It involved sleeping in until noon, going for a long walk in the city on Saturday afternoon, eating delicious Greek food, enjoying my first Starbucks coffee in Norway (We have Starbucks! Yay!!) and cooking for my friends. Oh and there was […]

Automn in the city

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9 muses of art

I spent last weekend in sunny Trondheim and this weekend in sunny and warm Greece. Now I am on a break from the constant sun exposure and trying to sooth my burned shoulders with yogurt and cream. Prevention is always important. Back to last weekend, I met my friends out in a café called Ni […]

Norway’s National Day

Last Friday, Norwegians celebrated their National Day. My friends and I tried to do the same. We started the day with a big delicious brunch. After that we walked to the center of the city to see the parade, where people from every union in the city walked dressed up and had fun! It was […]

Last weekend

…I spent all my time by the river, drinking beer and grilling. The weather was the best I’ve ever seen in Trondheim, something like summer in Greece. The temperature was almost 30 and I definitely wasn’t ready for it. The best part is that I didn’t have to go to work since Friday was Norway’s […]

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