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1st of May

Last Wednesday I celebrated spring and worker’s day by not showing up to work and with some snow and cold temperatures. I really wish it starts feeling like real spring because summer is getting closer and I cannot take any more snow. It is ridiculous when all Norwegians dressing up like it’s spring and I […]

A walk by the river

When my cousin was here during Easter vacation I took her for a walk on my favorite running trail by the river. It’s such a beautiful walk every time of the year. Unfortunately, at the end of our walk there was a snowstorm, so we had to cut it short and get into the first […]

Scandinavian playgrounds

One of my favorite blogs, A cup of Jo, posted about a rad Swedish playground. It instantly inspired me to check the Norwegian playgrounds. Not as cool aas the Swedish one, but still nice, don’t you think? I would have loved to play here as a kid. RELATED POSTS What are your favorite blogs? Instagram […]


Last year I posted a photo from Trondheim’s library. At the time I couldn’t even imagine how many booklovers around the world would like that photo. I guess the creative use of books to build a children’s fort was inspiring. This time I thought I should talk about one of my favorite places in Trondheim […]

Frozen lake

This is the first time in my life that I saw a frozen lake. Hadn’t I seen this lake during the summer, I would have never guessed that it is one. There was so much snow on top of the ice and people walked and skied on top of it without any fear. So that’s […]


One of my favorite places to go out for a coffee on a Saturday morning or a drink on a Thursday evening is Løkka. You can’t hear the amazing music but you can get a glimpse of the amazing atmosphere. If you ever come to Trondheim a visit there is a must. RELATED POSTS Bookbar […]

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