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Another day, another beach

Serifos has some beautiful beaches. The most famous ones usually get crowded. (Even though this time there were so few people, that some decided to swin/lay/walk nude. It wasn’t as awkward as expected it to be.) The Boyfriend suggested we go to one of his favorite beaches. So we went. And it was perfect. Words […]

I love this place

Yes, I’m still in Serifos, although I was to leave yesterday. No specific reason. It’s just that I can study for my exams in Athens or I can study here. Same thing. But the thing is that in Athens I don’t get to see this. Or do this. Or this. Or swim to this otherwise […]

Serifos is underrated

Yesterday night, we spend the evening watching “Letters to Juliet“. At some point, Charlie, one of the main characters who lived in London, said to his soon-to-be girlfriend, Sophie, who lived in New York, that “Yeah, New York is overrated”. We’re still laughing about the whole movie. But that specific quote stuck to us. So […]

I am a city girl

…but I’m spending some days in the country. As a matter of fact, the boyfriend (well, his family) has a farm (sort of) in the island of Serifos and we spend some time watering the plants and collecting fruits. Just keep in mind that “we” means “he”, cause I wasn’t a big help. He did […]

Rain and blooming

This is a photography post that will eventually turn to a my-garden post. This week it’s raining on and off. It starts unexpectedly, rains for a while and then the sun comes out. So I was tempted to test my camera. I tried to catch rain with my camera. Not so much luck, considering that […]

The books are here

Daddy’s gift for my birthday (It’s today! Yay!) was something I wanted for a long long time. I wanted to order two books from Blurb. One for my trip to NY this autumn and one for my trip to Paris last autumn. I had designed the Paris book over a year ago and it was […]

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