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Bits and pieces from Oslo

I spent last weekend in Oslo. It was my first visit and the weather was just perfect. I even dipped my tows in the sea and wished I had brought my bathing suit with me. Enjoy. RELATED POSTS Museums in Oslo Doorway in Oslo Oslo through my phone On the train to Oslo

Now I want an elephant above my front door

And the list of crazy design desires gets bigger… ps. The photo is from the folk museum in Oslo. RELATED POSTS Museums in Oslo On the train to Oslo Bits and pieces from Oslo Oslo through my phone

On the train to Oslo

Yesterday I took the train to Oslo. In 7 hours I went from sunny and cloudless Trondheim to rainy Oslo. Even when foggy, Norwegian scenery is stunning with quiet lakes, stormy rivers, waterfalls and snowy mountains in the middle of summer. Here’s the reason why I love traveling by train. ps. I even spotted some […]

What happens in Alesund

Here are the long-overdue photos of my trip to Ålesund. Ålesund is a beautiful  city with  Art-Nouveau architecture and a very popular destination in Norway. The town centre is located on two islands cut through by a large canal. I spent most of my time walking by the canal. And the port of the city. I […]

A festival in Ålesund

As I mentioned here, I spent last weekend in Ålesund doing things that all tourists do in Norway: visiting the fjords, enjoying nature and sports and just relaxing. During my visit, there was a boat festival going on in the city. This means there was a street fair, some bands playing, a sport event I […]

A photo a day

Ålesund port || Fish || Light || SAS || Summer temperatures… || Freshly mowed lawn || Work work work and blog RELATED POSTS A photo a day A photo a day A photo a day A photo a day

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