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40 facts about my trip to central Europe

In February/March, I went on a long trip in Central Europe. I’ve made so many posts about my trip, but this is a review of the facts, what I loved, what I hated and what I regret. In between, you’ll see photos from Paris, Leuven and Brussels. Here we go.. Number of countries and cities […]

A visit to Senlis

There are many places one can visit outside Paris and Senlis, a medieval village, is one of them. We drove there right after Chantilly and spent a nice afternoon wandering the small cobblestone streets. There was not much more to our visit other than a short stop for some tea and some more walking. Then […]

French countryside

When I go on a road trip, I prefer to spend some nights staying in small villages and France is the perfect place to do that. We were able to find little hidden gems and eat delicious food in the middle of nowhere, in places previously unknown to us. We generally tend to follow our […]


Apart from whipped cream, Chantilly is also the name of a place in France. In fact, the two are related as the cream was supposedly invented in the kitchens of the castle in Chantilly. This place is magical. A month after visiting Versailles, I visited Chateau de Chantilly, as part of my road trip in […]

Paris through my phone

As I emptied my phone from all the photos of the past few weeks, I found some leftover Paris photos. Some of them I’ve shared on Instagram, but others are fresh. I hope you enjoy them! ps. Have a nice drunk weekend! RELATED POSTS Summer through my phone London through my phone One day in […]

Eiffel tower

So, if you visit Paris, you have to go up the Eiffel tower, right? Wrong! I’ve been to Paris probably five times (with a big questionmark because I’ve lost count of my trips) and have never been up the Eiffel tower, not even once. This time I was this close, but we had a bottle […]

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