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AMSTERDAM city guide (from a tourist!)

Few months ago I went on vacation to Amsterdam. Even though I had visited Amsterdam before (only for 6 hours, but I got to experience the feeling of the city), this time was different. I asked a Dutch colleague of mine for some special recommendations. I specifically requested her best advice, the places she loves […]

Part two of Eindhoven

During my stay in Eindhoven, I stayed in a beautiful house with a patio and a pond. Sadly the weather was not warm enough to spend any time there, but I could imagine having breakfast there early in the morning. The view from the bedroom shows the whole neighborhood. Everything is better with snow! The […]

Eindhoven and its carnival

So, Carnival! In Eindhoven, Netherlands, people dress up, put on silly costumes and drink til they drop. I had no costume to put on, but boy did I drink! The party started officially last Saturday at 13.11 (11 is their lucky number) and went on til Tuesday. Fun! I took hundreds of photos, but then […]


I am in Amsterdam. Yaaaaayyyyy! I am so excited, it’s my first time here and there’s so much to see. The city is very beautiful despite the extremely cold, freezing temperatures. I put all my winter clothes on and I am ready to grab a bite in one of the small cozy cafes. More photos […]

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