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Ice report

After snow report, I’m here to inform you about ice. We’ve had some extremely low (for my taste) temperatures in Trondheim for over a week now which resulted in lots of ice, in the port! I’m not used to this view or this cold. It’s so interesting and beautiful. I hope you like it too. […]

Day in life 2012

I really enjoy reading “day in life” posts. It’s like getting in the shoes of the blogger and living the day with him. Well, kind of. Last Tuesday I woke up ready to document my day. I picked up my camera and let the recording begin! 08.30 – 09.10 Alarm clock goes off. I wake […]

Snow report

Let’s talk about the weather. Yesterday, we had snow in Trondheim. Lots of it! It was a nice surprise in an otherwise boring day. When I woke up in the morning things were looking white.. By the time I got back home at night, there was a lot of snow! Is it weird to have […]

Four months

Last week marked my four month anniversary in Trondheim. Four months ago I packed my things and moved across the continent, almost 4000 km, from Athens to Trondheim. It’s been challenging and difficult at times, but also one hell of an experience. Well, it still is. This post is an overview of what happened, what […]

The most beautiful colors

Fall is here in all its glory. Red and golden leaves fall all over the place creating a happy romantic atmosphere. It’s the best time of the year. That and when it snows. Then I feel like a little kid. Happiness is in small things, you just have to open your eyes and appreciate them. […]

Walk the trail: Ladestien

Did you know there are some lovely beaches in Trondheim? Last weekend, we put on our athletic shoes and went for a walk at Ladestien, a walking trail at the fjord of Trondheim. We started with a break and a waffle at Sponhuset. Not the best way to start a walk, but it was delicious […]

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