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For the beach

What are your summer essentials? Here are mine.. First row: Beach bag with yellow stripes, Boyfriend shorts, Hawaianas flip flops Second row: Cat Eye Sunglasses, Faux pas I made and liked Notebook Third row: Red bikini top and bottom, Beach dress, Polka dot swimsuit I’ve already bought two of these items, the swimsuit and the […]

Supermoon weekend

I spent few days in Evia where I originate from. During that weekend we celebrated the biggest moon of the year with a big gathering. We also visited an archaeological site on our way. The amount of fruits and vegetables I ate was massive and I enjoyed every last bite. It feels so good to […]

9 muses of art

I spent last weekend in sunny Trondheim and this weekend in sunny and warm Greece. Now I am on a break from the constant sun exposure and trying to sooth my burned shoulders with yogurt and cream. Prevention is always important. Back to last weekend, I met my friends out in a café called Ni […]

Treehouse in Trondheim

There is a treehouse in the center of Trondheim. I walk from this street almost every day and rarely have my camera with me, but one day it happened and I took one picture of it for the blog. Treehouses look cute and I suppose are the dream of every kid, a space that they […]

Living in a new country: Dugnad

When it comes to keeping the neighborhood in a good shape, Norwegians have the tradition of Dugnad. According to Wikipedia, Dugnad means voluntary work. When winter was finally gone, the pavements of my neighborhood were left full of dirt and gravel and the flower beds were full of weeds. Then, all inhabitants were invited to […]

Norway’s National Day

Last Friday, Norwegians celebrated their National Day. My friends and I tried to do the same. We started the day with a big delicious brunch. After that we walked to the center of the city to see the parade, where people from every union in the city walked dressed up and had fun! It was […]

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